Western Connecticut Umpires Association

Bill Benzing Memorial Scholarship



 The Western Connection Umpires Association has Awarded a scholarship in its name for almost a decade… moving forward that will be forever changed.

In December of 2008 the Association lost a long time umpire and a dear friend. Bill Benzing, a 27 year veteran umpire passed away at the young age of 54. Bill was admired by all who knew him. He contributed much to the organization over the years and even more to the community Bill called home … Bethel, CT.

As an educator in the Bethel school system for 35 years Bill taught much more than Math at the Bethel Middle School, he taught the lessons of life. Just as Bill was a leader on the baseball field while he was calling “balls and strikes” he was a leader in the class room as well. Bill did not stop when the final bell rang to dismiss the children. Bill’s day had only just begun.

Bill served as an advisor to many of the Middle School’s clubs. He founded the ever popular Ski Club and continued to teach outside the class room by serving as a freshman football coach and a girls’ basketball coach.

Bill’s legacy is one of sportsmanship, evident still in his family, his community and our organization. It is with much pride and a heavy heart that we add his name to this scholarship. It is our hope that each year’s winner will serve his family, friends and community……the same as our mentor-Bill Benzing.

To apply please download the attached .pdf and follow the applcation insrcuctions.   Benzing Scholarship Application



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